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The Saint-Tropez Major Events 2018

01/01/2018 (archive)

Les grands événements de Saint-Tropez 2018

This list of events is not exhaustive. It can be modified on a regular basis. For more information please contact our team: info@sainttropeztourisme.com or tel. 0033 494 97 45 21

The full list is available in our events section : please click here
For more informations, please contact our team  : info@sainttropeztourisme.com
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January / February 2018

Exhibition at the Annonciade museum

Exhibition at the Annonciade Museum
For 2018 - Permanent exhibition
Entrance fee


► more info about new exhibition soon


Photographies of Brigitte Bardot

Et Dieu créa… Brigitte Bardot

1st February 2017 to 14th January 2018
As the first event of the year, the Museum of Gendarmerie and Cinema features an new exhibition dedicated to Brigitte Bardot with exclusive photographs. To discover until January, 14th 2018.

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Pets and Stars

From January 27, 2018 to January 15, 2019
The 2018 temporary exhibition invites you to discover the amazing look that photographer Edward Quinn has on the complicity between celebrities and their pets.

Brigitte Bardot, Juliette Gréco, Natalie WoodPablo Picasso, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, Louis de Funès and many more

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Les nouvelles étoiles du cinéma

Film Festival - April 10 to 14, 2018
The 1st edition of the International Film Festival of Saint-Tropez will take place from April 10 to 14, 2018 The jury will be chaired by the film director Danièle Thompson. Eric Michel, President of Ciné France Festival, founder of the "Nouvelles Etoiles du Cinéma" and Vincent Perrot, Artistic Director, are pleased to announce the first edition of this new film festival in Saint-Tropez which will highlight actors and French or international actresses, revealed in their first major role.

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Regatta "Au large de Saint-Tropez

Mediterranean Offshore Championship - From 3 to 11 march 2018
This 9th edition of the biggest race in the Mediterranean, counts towards the Mediterranean Offshore Championship of 2018 and is open to IRC sailing boat with crews (900 milles) or solo (400 milles). This year, th race committee decide to open the race to the Double crews with a new route with 600 milles.

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Festival ArMeN (Regatta)

From 16 to 25 march 2018
The Festival Armen, which was created in 1978, is an event recognised and prized with more than 70 boats competing.
The name ARMEN is a contraction of Art Mer ( Sea) and Neige ( snow) and of course making reference to the light of the same name.
This event quickly generated much enthusiasm so that it is now endowed with a new sailing and skiing competition named after Andre Herman.

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Marathon of Saint-Tropez

The 25 march 2018
The awaited marathon of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez which will take place on Sunday, March 25, 2018 needs you. 1400 volunteers are expected for the event !

A fantastic sport event not to be missed !  To be at the heart of the event and to participate in this first historic sport event, come and attend one of the four information meetings near you.
For the inhabitants of Saint-Tropez, Gassin and Ramatuelle, go on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 to the Louis-Blanc room in Saint-Tropez.

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Hippocampe Cup

Sail Regatta - From 20 to 22 april 2018
The "Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez" and the association "Smeralda 888" are organising the 12th edition of the Sea Horse Cup in Saint-Tropez. Created in 2006, this competition is reserved for "Smeralda 888" saling boats (around 9 meters) based in Monaco. Some of the most well-known sailors will be participating, so the show will definitely be here for our own pleasure.

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Marc Pajot Boat Show

From 20 to 22 april 2018
Marc Pajot and his team will be on the port of Saint-Tropez to show you a selection of 12 different boats for sale or to rent.

This is definitely going to be an impressive show for enthusiasts. You will be able to admire some of the most impressive sail and motor yachts and catamarans.Come and see the team on 20th, 21th, 22th of April on the port!

More info +33 6 07 93 58 58




Spring Musical Festival of

From 23rd April to 22nd of August 2018
This is the highlight cultural event of the month, the 10th Musical Spring of Saint-Tropez, organized by the Tropézienne Society of Friends of Music.
The concert will take place at the Renaissance cinema.

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Euro Festival Harley Davidson 2018

From 7 to 10 June 2018
More than 10 000 fans of the mythical brand break in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Their beautiful machines rides the  the streets, animate the places; all in the tradition of real bikers, with rock concerts, giant barbecues, nights of parties and parades, the most awaited remains that which crosses Saint-Tropez. Procession of sounds, lights, amazing scenes with nearly 2000 motorcycles parading on the Old Port.
The Euro Festival will take place from 7th to 10th of June 2018 in Grimaud, in the glorious Gulf of Saint-Tropez!
A great show not to be missed !

Tickets for sale at HOG
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Les Voiles Latines Regatta

Latin Sails - From 24 to 27 may 2018
To be seen by the quayside or racing, taking part in jousts. Also, several musical, crafts and gastronomic events will illustrate sailors's know how and good mood.The 16th Latin Sails will gather this year three delegations: Tunisian, Italian and Catalan. We will welcome for the first time the delegation of Pisa with its antique boat "Galeone". They will be here to ensure the promotion of Tuscany.Moreover, Catalan sailors will be here this year again with a delegation from "Llança".

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Les Dames de Saint-Tropez (Regatta)

7th edition: Women first !
From 4 to 6 may 2018

Ladies ‘on board’!
Organized by the Yacht Saint-Tropez and the city of Saint-Tropez,  ‘Les Dames de Saint-Tropez’ is a regatta by invitation.
A unique event where women take the helm of the most beautiful traditional yachts of the Mediterranean and with a predominantly female race committee.

La présence des voiliers de Tradition aussi historiques que majestueux tels que Moonbeam III, Moonbeam IV, Lélantina, L’Oiseau de Feu, Mariska, Amadour, Skylark of 1937 Savannah, Manitou, Palynodie II, Nagaina, Havsoernen, Maria Giovanna et Djinn est un réel plaisir des yeux à quai dans le Vieux port de Saint-Tropez mais aussi sur l’eau avec des courses sous le contrôle d’un Comité de course essentiellement féminin.
A terre, le programme festif concocté par l’organisation avec le cocktail de bienvenu, une soirée des équipage et la remise des prix.
100% Women !

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Les Bravades of Saint-Tropez

From 16 to 18 may 2018
Bravades, traditional village celebration
A traditional and meaningful moment of contemplation for the town's inhabitants, barely troubled by detonations of blunderbuss guns. The Patron Saint and the town's military past are celebrated during ceremonies and processions.
Three days of devotion taking place according to a set plan since more than 450 years.

The official website

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Le Rallye des Princesses

2018 - Women Rally Race - Will be held in Biarritz this year ...

Giraglia Rolex Club 

From 8th to 16th of June 2018

The Giraglia was created in a Parisian café in 1952 by three men, René Levainville, Franco Gavagnin and Beppe Croce. The intention then was for an Italian-French prestigious challenge that would conquer the world of offshore sailing.  On July 11, 1953, 22 boats start the first race with a strong mistral  In 1974, the first record of participation is achieved with 132 boats.  In 1997 the name changes with the arrival of a new partner, it would now be called the “Giraglia Rolex Cup”. In 1998, the Yacht Club of Saint-Tropez became associated with the event to inaugurate a new formula by organizing three coastal races in the Gulf of St Tropez prior to the main event.  In 2002, the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez takes over the organization of the event in Saint-Tropez. This is a landmark year as 162 boats compete in the races which are now open to 50 and 60 feet monohulls IMOCA class.
A real challenge between the prestigious yachts for which it is famous and 30 metre Maxis.

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Bailli of Suffren
Offshore Regatta

From 22nd June to 4th July 2018
The idea of ​​launching the Trophée Bailli de Suffren came from Henri Christian Schroeder and Christian Benoit who thus founded the Mare Nostrum Racing Club.
This event is a tribute to the Bailli de Suffren de Saint-Tropez, Vice Admiral of the French Royal Navy under King Louis XVI, Captain of the fleet and the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta.
Le Bailli de Suffren Trophy remains under the aegis of the founding yachts such Analia, Lelantina, Moonbeam III, Orion, Owl, Susanna II, Veronica, Volterra and also under the aegis of the French Sailing Federation (FFV), the Federazione Italiana di Vela (FIV), the Malta Sailing Federation (MSF), the Yacht Club de France (YCF), the French Association of Traditional Yachts (AFYT) and the National Union for Offshore Racing ( UNCL).

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Salon des Peintres et Sculpteurs

From 21rst of June to the 9th of  July 2018 - Dates to be confirmed
At la Salle Jean Despas à Saint-Tropez
Exhibition of Painters and Sculptors of Saint-Tropez. The exhibition will be held  at the Salle Jean Despas - Place des Lices.

Mme Benitte: 04 94 97 14 60

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Bravade des Espagnols

The 15 June 2018
Traditional festivity of Saint-Tropez
The "Bravade des Espagnols" commemorates, every year on 15th June, Saint-Tropez's victory against a fleet of 21 Spanish ships on 15th June 1637.

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Summer exhibition at the Annonciade Museum

10th June - 8th October 2018 - To be confirmed

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The 21rst of June 2018
brings together during one evening artists from various musical horizons for the happiness of all. this new edition promises to be very festive.

Line Up: From 7.30 pm
Programm to be confirmed

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Monumental sculptures exhibition

From June to October 2018 - Dates and artist to be confirmed
For several years now, the city of Saint-Tropez has hosted in the streets and squares of the town, monumental sculpture exhibitions from international artists such as Fernando Botero, Manolo Valdez, Antoni Clavé, Igor Mitoraj or Bernard Bezzina.

Where are the 5 Sculptures ?

- Place de la Garonne
- Office de Tourisme on the port (near Sénéquier)
- Near the Annonciade Museum 
- Port, instead of the old lighthouse 
- Chanel gardens

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Classic Tennis Tour

From the 21rst to the 22nd of July 2018 -
Saint-Tropez has become a popular destination for tennis fans. A magical place for the Classic Tennis Tour, it looks like a post card. The 2017 edition of the Classic Tennis Tour will take place on the 21 and 22 July 2018.

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National Festivity

Celebrate the 14 th of July 2018 in Saint-Tropez!
Around 22:45, a beautiful fireworks will be fired from a barge at sea, surrounded by boating boats. Then, the traditional ball popular, on the mole Jean Réveille, will take you to the end of the night.


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Fight Night

4th of August at la Citadelle 2018 - Dates to be confirmed
Saint-Tropez is ready to welcome the 5th edition of the real professional Kick-Boxing & Pro Fight event !

For those in the know, and also others, the Citadel is the setting for the greatest names in kick boxing and Thaï Box. Champions from all over the world will compete in several fights, with world titles at stake... and some surprises too!

Plenty of celebrities have already been seduced by this amazing event: Sylvester Stallone, Joey Star, Amel Bent, Gérard Lanvin, Clovis Cornillac, Eric Judor...

Programm 2018

Délices sonores

10th of August 2018 At la Citadelle - Dates and programm to be confirmed
It is in this unique and famous place that RAFALE PRODUCTION sets rendez-vous on August 10 th 2017 for « Délices Sonores » third edition. Picture yourself dancing with the best DJs of the electro scene in this spectacular citadel flooded with Saint-Tropez’ limelight, the Mediterranean Sea serving as the backdrop.

A nocturnal experience that will delight all your senses through an elegant and renown selection of artists. Backing up this prestigious international repertoire, RAFALE PRODUCTION is joined by high profile partners in their respective fields. Take part in Citadelle de St Tropez’ festive grand opening, a premiere under the sign of elegance and refinement that will remain one unforgettable moment.

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Firework 15th of August

15th of August 2018

Firework - Patriotic Ceremony in Saint-Tropez

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Music Festival
Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte 

Classical music and festivities

From August 1rst to 13th, 2018.
An exceptional setting at La Moutte's castle; a magic spot, the Canoubiers beach; meetings with exceptional artists; unforgettable concerts and shows, all this in the heart of summer in Saint-Tropez. This amounts to the greatness of this festival.
This year's program promises some great surprises and plenty of emotional intensity.


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Fall Music Festival - Classical music festival

From the 3rd of September to the 24 October 2018
6h30 at the Cinéma de la Renaissance
Entrance fee : tickets to sell at the visitor center's desk, quai Jean Jaurès.

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Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

European Heritage Days - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of September 2018
Everywhere in France about 17 000 monuments open their doors and propose more than 25 000 animations for the 34th edition(publishing) of European Heritage Days

Full Programm
Official website



International Contemporary Artists Fair

23rd of September to the 4th of October 2018 - Dates to be confirmed
Fair organized by AIDAC : international association of contemporary artists
Guest of honour 2018 :


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Les voiles de Saint-Tropez

Regatta Sail - From the 29th September to 7th October 2018
The event Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez is the most important sailing event in Saint-Tropez…

Website : http://www.lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr/
Registration: http://nvi-ins.fr/LES_VOILES?Param=1

The story : 1981 Patrice de Colmont gives us the history(see “How it all began!”) but there’s also the team that welcomes you each year in the Press Room. They have summarized Patrice’s history of “Les Voiles” for you in a few paragraphs reproduced below: There are nights when we have great ideas. It all started on the 29 th September 1981 where a challenge with little sporting interest, but to defend the honour of sail, is launched between Pride, the Swan 44 of American Dick Jason, and the 12 metre Ikra, skippered by Jean Lorrain. The challenge could not be simpler: a start at the foot of the village of Saint-Tropez at the Tour du Portalet, round the mark of the the Nioulargo...


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Les “Dragon” (régates)

From the 18th to the 20th Octobre 2018
Since 2004 when the 75th anniversary of the Dragon boat gathered more than 250 examples, Saint-Tropez has become a must meeting place for Dragon enthusiasts in October. It is a limited race with 50 of the best contenders and it will take place this year from the 18th to the 20th of October.

Every year, the best contenders from France, England, Russia, Norway, Holland, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, USA...come to challenge themselves in this competitive race.

Subscriptions and information on the SNST’s website

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Paradis Porsche

Porsche Parade - From the 13th to 15th of October 2018
Dates to be confirmed

The Mediteranean Prosche Club organizes this year its 24th Porsche Paradise in Saint-Tropez. Enthusiasts can admire the many models of the marque displayed on the Parking du Port, the parade and maybe a few surprises…

Read the 2017 program


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Festival des Antipodes

Film Festival - Australian and New Zealand - From the 9th to the 15th October 2018
Biggining of October, Saint-Tropez will welcome the 20th edition of the Festival des Antipodes. It's the not-to-be-missed event of this autumn.

Programm coming soon.
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Saint-Tropez Classic

Running Race - The the 21rst October 2018
The Saint-Tropez Classic event is a running race in Saint-Tropez and its surroundings which will enable the amateurs and the experienced people to confront in this exceptional race.

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Braderie - Great Jumble Sales

From the 26th to the 29th of October 2018
4 days of intense shopping attracting both local buyers and from further away!

It is said that finding a good deal is an art... well, not really! It is quite easy to do so during Saint-Tropez great jumble sales. Fashion, accessories, decoration, come and browse each pavement, each street corner, and leave satisfied. Come and have a look around between the 26th and the 29th of October.

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Voiles d’Automne Madraco cup regatta

From the 10th to the 11th of November 2018
Around 40 boats (cruiser-racers, folkboats and lasers) are already registered and there should be plenty more by the time the race begins.

In fact, there are 3 days of racing and festivities to look forward to ! Saint-Tropez’s sailing club is organizing the « Madraco Cup” from 10th to 12th of November. Since 17 years, this event has gathered several yachts and crew from the Provence region.

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Theater Festival

(To be confirmed)

At The Cinema-Theater La Renaissance




Humouristic Festival

(To be confirmed)

At The Cinema-Theater La Renaissance

Christmas in Saint-Tropez

Christmas is always an occasion to live magical moments. Here's an overview of what comes next !

Tropezians and visitors are invited to come celebrate, on friday december 8 at 6pm, the inauguration of christmas illuminations in the city, the opening of the skating rink and gourmet chalets, near king tree, place du XVème Corps.

Shining settings and lighting effects on the old port facades will bring a touch of magic for the year's end celebrations. 
Come see us ! 

Christmas in Saint-Tropez
From december 8 to january 7, 2018

Full programm here







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